The Marcellus Mess on Elmerton Avenue
5 Things You Need to Know for the
Upcoming 2014 Elections

Marcellus Is Booming

If the Marcellus Shale region were a country, its natural gas production would rank third in the world, after Russia and the rest of the U.S. The Marcellus now produces more than double Iran's yearly natural gas output. (Marcellus Shale Coalition October 22, 2013)

To Determine the True Value of Our Game Lands our
Legislative Budget and Finance Committee
Conducted a Study of the State Game Lands
Pursuant to House Resolution 2007 – 193
Penn State Completed this study in 2010

Examination of Current and Future Costs and Revenues From
Forest Products and Oil, Gas, and Mineral Extraction on
Pennsylvania Game Commission Lands (PGC
Submitted by the Pennsylvania State University
Submitted to the Pennsylvania Legislative Budget and Finance
Co –Investigators:
Dr. Michael Jacobson, Associate Professor, School of Forest Resources
Dr. Bruce Lord, Senior Research Assistant, School of Forest Resources
Dr. Marc McDill, Associate Professor, School of Forest Resources
Dr Andrew Kleit, Professor, Energy and Environmental Economics
Dr. Terry Engelder, Professor, Geosciences
Audrey Broucek, Research Associate

January 14, 2010

Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania reviewed this legislative study and compared

the current deal-making and bidding by the Game Commission with appraised value of

Marcellus gas on your game lands

1. Read How

Marcellus is Booming But…
The Game Commission is Selling You Out

June 2012 PGC Agenda
June 2012 PGC Minutes
Penn State Resource Audit


2. Did You Know Director of Bureau of Wildlife is

Under Investigation for Double Dealings?

Rep. Metcalfe eyes other possible ethics violations

Lawmaker Seeks Investigation

Agency employee’s 2nd job ‘clearly a conflict,’ rep says

Inquirer Editorial: Ethics outlook: mostly cloudy

Bill Capouillez

Double-dipping in Pa. gas leases

Pa. legislator to probe dual roles of wildlife agent


3. Your WCO's were taking it on the chin at the Negotiations Table until USP

told them How Management was Hiding Your Marcellus $$$$

Did you notice how the continuous crying for a license increase has ceased? This was a diversionary tactic of the PGC. They didn't want the elected officials knowing their hidden wealth. That cover was blown when USP gave info to the WCO labor union. They had filed a grievance against the PGC for not bargaining in good faith. The PGC said they were broke and the labor union asked the PGC legal beagle three consecutive questions under oath "does the PGC have unreported hidden escrow accounts "? After the third time asking, the PGC lawyer said yes. How much? " one account holds over 8,000,000.00. End of questioning. The arbitrator ruled "PGC must pay up ". The WCO's got their contract in it's entirety because USP had the knowledge of this corruption.
The leadership of the House and Senate told the PGC to "never again ask for a license increase unless it was needed." The Elmerton Boys were caught in their lying scam again. Your Game Commission is the wealthiest wildlife agency in North America and possibly the world.

We can never beat them with our money alone. We must have help from people in power. Being nice to the PGC does not work unless you are willing to do things "their way". If hunters do not get involved, the game is over. If you want proof, read the PGC minutes from January 2008 to present and see where they kept depositing all of your Games Lands timber, coal, and Marcellus $$$.

The SGL maps and the deals are in the agenda’s for each official meeting and you must read them too. The minutes and PA Game News tell you where and how they hid the money.

How the Game Commission Makes $5.786 Million in Gas and Oil

Revenue Disappear from the Books in their 2007-08 Annual Report

PGC Revenue Diverted from the Game Fund


4. Another Penn State Cover-up Revealed

Penn State was contracted by the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to independently assess the resource wealth of the Pennsylvania Game Commission. That report is often called the 2010 Resource Audit.

Penn State Resource Audit

2010 Resource Jacobson PSU Final Proposal

Penn State submitted a bid to the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee…

Proposal to Examine Current and Future Costs and Revenues from Forest Products and OGM Extraction on Pennsylvania Game Commission Lands (PGC)

The Game Lands are managed by William A. Capouillez, Director of Bureau of Wildlife Management

“The purpose of this study is to evaluate the PGC?s administration and use of these resources and assess whether the PGC could and should increase revenues from these resources in order to offset recent declines in revenues from hunting licenses.”

But while the Penn State was evaluating the administration of the game lands resources, the PGC official in charge of these game lands was also a consultant for Penn State at the same time?

The Legislative Budget and Finance Committee contracted with Penn State to do a Resource Audit of the Game Commission’s Bureau of Wildlife Habitat, Directed by William Capouillez. However Penn State’s Agricultural Department listed William A. Capouillez as their #2 gas consultant on this web page in January 2010.

Is this a conflict of interest?


5. Now is the time to ask your officials running for Governor in 2014 how they will clean up this Marcellus Mess at Elmerton Avenue.






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